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    • Welcome to the course

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    Why does retention matter?

    • Calculating your turnover rate

    • Foundations for successful retention

    • More tools for retention

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    Sticking with it

    • Recommended reading

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Retaining staff in childcare is tough. Learn how to improve retention with simple tools in just 30 minutes.


Operations/Staffing Consultant, HINGE Brokers

Kathe Petchel

Founding Bright Beginnings Preschool in 1984, Kathe launched the school as a small, in-home, half-day preschool and, through her hard work and dedication, grew it into a full-service, full-time childcare center. The school now operates in three locations in the Charlottesville area and serves more than 300 families. At HINGE, Kathe provides broker support functions on a range of tasks throughout the transaction process. From developing new contacts to helping with business valuations, her goal is to help each transaction be as seamless as possible.

Executive Director, CQEL

Dave Esbin